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  • EasternSky

    Day 6 - Tribal Council

    December 29, 2016 by EasternSky

    Welcome, Poni to tribal council.

    Grab a torch, stick in the pit and get fire.

    This is part of the ritual of this game, fire represents your life. If it is out, so are you.

    Time to ask the questions.

    Jon: Is there any talk of idols?

    Nick: Have any alliances been formed?

    Austin: How's the tribe dynamic?

    AJ: Do you think that a switch will happen?

    Send me your votes on the chat by 3:00 PM EST on December 30, 2016. Failure to vote will cause you to receive a self vote.

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  • EasternSky

    This has gone on long enough.

    Immunity goes to..





    Poni, you will go to tribal council where one of you will become the second person voted out of this game.

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  • EasternSky

    Day 5 - Immunity Challenge

    December 19, 2016 by EasternSky

    Welcome back guys.

    First things first, Melemele, Akala, and Poni, i'm gonna take that back.

    For today’s immunity challenge, you will all compete in a flash game called Tetris!

    When submitting a screenshot of your final score, your full screen should be shown, with the time and date visible and your name typed in the URL bar. Any signs of editing a score will lead to immediate disqualification.

    Last place finishing tribe will be attending tribal council where one of you will be the second person voted out of this game.

    Survivors ready...Go!

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  • EasternSky

    I bet you all have been waiting for this.

    In fourth place...


    In third place,


    In second place,


    Which means that the winner of the challenge is...


    The highest scorer of Melemele and the person who has a chance to win an idol clue is...


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  • EasternSky

    Day 4 - Reward Challenge

    December 14, 2016 by EasternSky

    Come on in guys.

    Melemele, Poni, Akala, getting your first look at the new Ula'ula tribe, Jake voted out at the last tribal council.

    Today you will be playing a game called Color. In this game all you have to do is pick the right color. The closest you are to the right color the more points you will earn. The highest placing member of the 1st placing tribe tribe will win a chance to get a Hidden Immunity Idol!

    Survivors ready, go!

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